This is a website for those on the path to higher consciousness. It was created for the purpose of providing a window into the soul and into our purpose for being. We begin with Source………God, our Creator whose vision and love for us far exceeds our imagination, and whose constant presence and love sustains us from within.

     We are all One. As a collective, our experience in this lifetime is a shared one. We have come into this lifetime with unique personalities, gifts and talents. Through the sharing of our gifts, insights and life experiences, we help one another to rise into higher consciousness, and ultimately to fulfill our purpose for being, which is to love.

     We are born to know ourselves and each other as infinite beings of love and light. It is who we are. As such, we seek to harmonize with others and to cooperate in creating an environment that is alive and nurturing for all beings with whom we share this planet and universe. Our daily life experiences awaken us to the knowing of our true nature as light beings. Too often though, we resist life experiences because of their negative nature, and may even spiral into depths of despair in the face of these events. If we learn to embrace the lessons that are hidden within these events in our lives, we can rise above them. We will know that we have drawn them into our lives with a purpose, and so can reap the benefits of these hardships. We can see them for what they are: steps in third dimension reality that lead us into the realization of ourselves as infinite beings of love and light!

     I welcome you to this site and hope that within it you may find respite and comfort ……... and just what you may need to carry you on your journey today.

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