My name is Beatriz. I came into this lifetime to serve. My life experience has afforded me many opportunities in service to others. My sincere desire has been to alleviate the suffering of others and to engender justice and freedom for all human beings on this planet. At the age of sixteen I joined the Red Cross and started working at a nursing home and with disaster relief. By nineteen, I was serving as a nurse's assistant in the amputee wards of the Veterans Hospital and for the USO during the Vietnam War. I volunteered at a halfway home for women just released from prison, and worked in the inner city of Houston. During the Civil Rights movement, I was trained and served as a community organizer in West Side Chicago and later was a student leader at the University of Texas. I have worked in numerous hospital, church and community centers across America, and volunteered as a missionary in Africa and South America. For the past thirty three years, the main focus of my work has been with physical healing.

     As we are moving into higher frequencies in consciousness, my life work is shifting to facilitate healing through love and light. I know that disease, no matter how painful, brings with it great blessings. This is true as much for the patient as for the circle of loved ones who share in his or her experience. We are here not just to survive, but to live life fully; not to resist pain, but to embrace and balance it.

     We are infinite beings of light. By this knowing we open the gateway to intelligent infinity and to the healing of ourselves. We share this light and love with others that they too may access their own healing.

     My life experience has been one of the highest of heights and the lowest of lows. I have straddled the thin line that separates this physical reality from the world of spirit. Growing up, I frequently had what I call “awakenings” which opened me to higher realms of being. These occurred upon waking and paralleled near death experiences. They opened me to higher energy centers within my being. I would fly, communicate with light beings and receive downloads of information about the universe and our purpose for being. I felt totally one with nature which was alive and radiant. In these moments of enlightenment, I was one with all that is.

     Twenty-three years ago I developed acute respiratory distress syndrome from a severe infection of P.falciparum malaria. I was on life support for several days and in a coma for two weeks. From the ceiling of my hospital room in the ICU, I watched my lifeless body sustained by machines and left it to wander about the universe. My experiences beyond the veil are difficult to put into words, and yet seemed so familiar to me at the time. The recent near death experiences of Anita Moorjani (“Dying to be Me”) and Eban Alexander (“Proof of Heaven”), have profoundly comforted and inspired me. They both experienced miraculous healing and a complete turnaround in their lives through their experiences. My near death experience, though more simple, has provided me with two precious lessons:

* I have moved beyond the fear of death

* I have accessed the grace of “knowing” that I am here and we are all here with a purpose, and that purpose is noble

     I have transcended the three dimensional world in which we live and have accessed, even for short moments, other realms of being. I know who we are and it is not what this world is telling us. This three dimensional physical world is just not capable of reflecting to us our true nature.

     The truth is that we are infinite beings of light. We are noble and we are here to love.

The Work

     "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world…… as in being able to remake ourselves." Mahatma Gandhi

     I am infinite being.

     This is our truth. Through this knowing, we move beyond the drama of the illusory world. Pain, in whatever form it manifests in our lives, brings with it the opportunity for incredible blessing if we can embrace it and glean from it the purpose for which we drew it into our lives.

     We are divine beings of light made in the image of our Creator, God, and so express eternal qualities of love, peace and joy. As infinite beings we pass through this lifetime in this physical form which will eventually die. We live forever. Our spirit within, this cosmic consciousness, often may feel trapped and limited by our everyday life experiences and dramas of survival.

     Everything that happens in our lifetime affords us the opportunity for growth and the ultimate fulfillment of our destiny. Before we were born into this life, in our desire for maximum growth and spiritual evolution, we made pre-agreements for certain catalysts (life experiences) to manifest in our lifetime. These were designed to provide us with the opportunity to learn to love and to evolve into higher states of being, ultimately to become one with our Creator, God. We arranged lessons and placed the events and individuals necessary to achieve this.

     Sadly, when we encountered the life experiences that held within them these lessons, we could not digest them. We may have reacted to the events, persons and conditions with resistance in the form of anger, bitterness, fear, withdrawal and aggression (all survival instincts). We were not able to bring these experiences beyond the level of the root chakra, the entry point of all life experiences. This was the birth of the “victim” who, consumed by the negative emotions that followed, could not let go of the pain and memory of these events. Unfortunately, for many of us this was the beginning of self-rejection and our sense of separation from ourselves, from other selves and from God. In the end, we could not glean the precious lessons that these experiences offered us for spiritual growth.

     Holding onto negative emotions long enough eventually separates us from the “flow” of life energy. The delicate balance of the cells in our body begins to erode, and with it the tissues and organs. This can eventually manifest as disease, depression, accidents, conflict and lack of clarity in our lives.

     Healing begins with acceptance and integration of our life experiences. How do we know what the lessons are that we came to learn in this lifetime? We know these by asking: “What is the biggest challenge in my life right now?” This issue will point to the lesson or lessons to be learned. Our holographic nature provides us with a window to both access and heal the entirety of our lives in the moment.

     We look at the life experience, the people involved, including ourselves, and the resulting emotions. We begin with acceptance of self. We then consciously accept and balance each aspect of the life experience and the people involved by raising them from the entry point at the root chakra up to the heart. From this totally present center of our being, we expand our love and light to embrace the issue at hand. This allows for the life experience to serve as catalyst for the fulfillment of our purpose for being, which is to love.

     This may seem a formidable task to undertake. But there is another dimension to our being that few of us consciously draw upon, yet which is our most valuable resource of wisdom, insight and access to Source on our path of self-discovery and self-healing. This is our Higher Self, the sixth chakra which is the gateway to intelligent infinity and always available to us.

     We are also blessed with the help of angels, guardian spirits and other beings of light whose sole commitment is to support us on our path to higher consciousness in this lifetime. Although they are always present and ready to help, they recognize us as masters of our destiny and so honor our “free will”. When our request for assistance is balanced with sincere effort, their presence lights our way and we can move mountains.

     In conclusion, this work is about facilitating healing through embracing our life experiences as catalysts for spiritual growth and expansion. Whereas in the past the focus of my work has been with the physical body, I now recognize that remedies may have only served to take away people’s catalyst. At the least it delayed their access to the true solution of their pain, which may have continued to revisit them.

     We are light beings expressed in human form. Disease is real only to this form. If I continue to view others as victims of their environment, of parasites, chemicals, metals, viruses and fungus, I too am a victim of these. What I hold as true for others is also true for me. I choose to live from the knowing that we are masters of our destiny, we are whole and not limited by third dimension reality.

     Our bodies are sacred and are the means by which we grow through love and service to others. Caring for our bodies is part of loving and accepting ourselves. It is essential that we maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s just that even though disease is expressed in the body, it does not begin nor end there. True healing can only be accessed by the loving heart, that part of our being that is capable of liberating the self from its victim consciousness.

     We are infinite beings of love and light. We are one. As more and more people address disease as catalyst and heal it with love, we support the whole of humanity to transcend disease.

     We are healing the world!

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