The Art of Healing Circle Retreats are offered on a regular basis in various parts of the country and in Europe.

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Below are recent testimonials from retreat participants.

Testimonials from Retreat Participants

          We are so grateful for your deep concern and love to each one of us who attended the healing seminar and retreat. I have been reflecting about my life from what you taught us. I had a most amazing experience: I felt a deep love and compassion toward myself through the Miracle of Self-Healing meditation. I never had such a feeling before. It was self acceptance. I now feel so free and light. I would like to study more your work and share this with others.

Masako B. (London)

* * * * *

Testimony of the healing of my son, David

          I want to share how my nightmare became a beautiful real life dream. When my son was around 18 months old, I attended a course abroad and brought my son with me. I was six months pregnant with my daughter. During this time, I experienced complications with the pregnancy and was forced to put my son in 24 hour nursery care for a week while I was hospitalized. The rules of the nursery were to not allow any contact with the parent to allow the child to settle properly. Although I did not agree with this, I had no choice. The separation for me was very traumatic and when I picked my son up after a week, he was clearly emotionally traumatized by the separation as well. I felt so angry towards the nursery and guilty about leaving him, even though my circumstances at the time were such that I had no other choice. His behavior rapidly deteriorated with anger and aggression and regular temper tantrums. In addition, he was no longer talking nor responding to my attempts to communicate with him. His pediatrician thought he might have attachment disorder, but by the age of four it was clear that he had other special needs as well.

          It was at this time that I participated in a Circle Retreat with Beatriz in London. I was desperate for help for my son, but this course made me realize that it was I who needed help and healing not just my son. Through this weekend experience, I started to release my negative feelings of guilt and self-accusation and began to embrace acceptance and forgiveness. With the help of the Circle Retreat, I chose to be present and in this moment both my son and I moved into a space of peace that transformed our lives. My son was clearly impacted in a positive way and this was the beginning of our healing together. After this weekend he started to make improvements in communication, and on all other levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

          The following year I once again attended the Circle Retreat and we experienced more positive changes. I started to give my son natural vitamins, minerals and oils to support his diet. Within a year, this manifested as a dramatic difference in his behavior both at home and in school. He was calm, more communicative and was finally able to access the curriculum in a mainstream school, which his teachers and counselors had previously felt would never be possible with his special needs. At six, he is now thriving. He is gentle soul, polite and loving and although he still has tantrums on occasion, his emotional state is much calmer and he is doing well in school and helps at home with his younger sister.

          I am profoundly moved by God's loving grace for my self and especially my son. My prayers for guidance on how to help him have been answered. I just had to be willing to step onto the path He had opened to me with courage, faith and humility. This feels like a miracle to me.

Love and kindness Betty Pauliuc ( London)

* * * * *

          Thank you so much for facilitating a wonderful, life transforming experience for us. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it and that God saw fit for me to attend at this time. Despite challenges that I'm dealing with right now, I have an overall sense of peace and I'm able to let the concerns just come to mind and roll right away. I love it!

With Passion & Respect,

Jean T.

* * * * *

          I attended an "Art of Healing Circle Retreat" in May 2015. This workshop helped me on a few fronts. I serve people in my profession and with the skills I honed I can help others better. In my family, there is room to improve my relationships. Through both understanding a new paradigm of spiritual growth and participating in the exercises of "self-healing" I can help myself to be less reactive and more centered, which seems to calm and assist those close to me. I would recommend investing the time and effort to attend these sessions. They are life-changing!

Robin M

* * * * *

          My name is Maria. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in April 2014. The cancer had spread to the lymph nodes and included a small growth in the lungs. Initially, I was nervous because everything moved very fast and I had to go here and there to discuss the treatment with my doctors. This included meeting the plastic surgeon who showed me pictures of the surgery I would need after treatment.

          I participated in a self-healing retreat with Beatriz the next month. I understood that there were toxins in my body that were contributing to the cancer and I worked to cleanse these. A calm came over me as I cleansed these toxins from my body. I also learned that beyond physical causes, there were personal issues that needed to be addressed and I could begin to work with these to truly heal. I don’t totally understand it, but my prognosis is good since then and I am grateful. My doctor convinced me to at least take an estrogen inhibitor to prevent the cancer from spreading and this is the only medication that I chose to take.

          A year later, I have done 3 PET scans and the cancer has not progressed. I want quality of life not quantity. At this point, I don’t know how long this cancer has lived with me already. We may have been together for a while. I talked with the cancer and we made an agreement: I let you be and you let me be. What has helped me is to trust and to not fear. My health is good and I continue to work full time as a hospital nurse.

          Working with Beatriz has helped me to learn to listen to my inner voice and to live by it. God’s voice is not loud. It is gentle and unmistakable in our hearts. I am learning to stretch my heart and make space for new insights and experiences.

          I still have to go to the regular doctor for check ups and she tries to remind me that I still have cancer. This is her belief, not mine.

Namaste and God's blessings be with all of you,

Maria K.

* * * * *

Deeply Embedded Patterns in Unconsciousness

          It was lovely to finally meet Beatriz with whom I had many conversations on the phone over a span of years. I went to the retreat with no expectations, except to be open and free, aware that I might be confronted by my painful past. The atmosphere was warm and embracing, reflecting the summer weather we were having. Beatriz resonated with kindness and good heart where one felt safe and where healing could easily be guaranteed.

          A dominant block of mine has been the experience of lack, especially finances. As I recounted my family situation where my father died when I was 7 with 7 siblings, it was obviously a great struggle for us all. So struggle I did and made it into an unconscious part of my life pattern. I was good at it and just managing was my way of showing this to the world. The deeper aspect of feeling unworthy, left out, being cheated by life, resentful that others have it easier etc. was all covered up. Replacing this with being pious and how I could become a better person was a game I was unconsciously playing. Wow- what an insight and freedom to recognise this!

          Now six months later, I am financially stable and amazed about the clients coming to my practice. An unexpected gift of money was a clear sign from heaven that I am now free to choose to live without my pattern of struggle. Thoughts of lack still come into my mind to scare me, but by seeing them clearly for what they are (only thoughts) there is space and I am not overtaken by the emotion produced by them.

          Feeling gratitude and experiencing universal love, I want to thank Beatriz for being a tool for the work of healing on this planet earth.

With love,

Anna K (Austria)

* * * * *


          The Art of Healing Circle Retreat is a must attend. Beatriz has a wonderful way of allowing the retreat to unfold so that each person can experience what they need for healing to occur. She provides the perfect balance of enlightenment, empathy, wisdom and anecdotal stories while creating a sanctuary for safe healing. This enables each participant the healing space necessary to dive deeper into the root cause of his/her illness. From lessons on nutrition, explorations into letting go and shared reflections, this retreat will diagram a path to wellness that will allow for a more peaceful and healthy existence. I highly recommend this will change your life!

Julie R.

* * * * *

          In my life I have experienced anger, resentment, regret, self pity, trying to fit in or trying to please others…you name it, I experienced it. I tried so hard to rid myself of these painful experiences through many different avenues. It still didn’t get to the core of my unfulfilled and unhappy life; nor could it solve the problems life dealt.

          Through the compassion and wisdom Beatriz offered in her retreat, my eyes and heart were opened to more clarity and empowerment than I ever thought was possible. I found the tools and understanding to uncover what was at the root of my problems. I realized that whatever I faced in life was just a catalyst for my growth. I was able to see the patterns I had acquired in life that were causing my health problems and unhappiness. I also realized that they were cyclical. If I didn’t remove them they’d be back like a bad habit. It was and still is like peeling an onion. I was able to peel off the initial shackles of who I was not; to find who I really am. I felt the presence of God not only in my heart, but through my intuition or higher self. I deeply felt the love of God within my being.

          I found the retreat to be a sanctuary to discover my soul…my truth…my beingness. I don’t have to be anything other than myself. It has become a daily honoring myself…therefore honoring others. The words of Jesus, “Love others as thyself” became so profound because I saw his words beginning to grow within me in the truest sense.

          The greatest thing now is that when problems arise I know what to do. I just peel off another layer of that onion to uncover more of who I truly am. I feel very grateful to God for the knowing that I am the master of my own destiny.

Linda E.

* * * * *

          The healing retreat this weekend filled my soul with all that God is. I didn't know what to expect, but I was open and ready to be healed. And I was. You opened my eyes to understanding the chakras on another level. The lesson of the self healing exercise and actually going through each step to release the blocks was a powerful experience. This filled me with a deeper understanding on how to heal myself spiritually, so that I can be liberated and fully connected to God...One with God. Thank you for the deep lesson of Oneness vs separation consciousness. You also expanded my understanding of the pH levels which took me on higher plane. I am fascinated with your proficiency with the pendulum and your openness and trust in receiving the answers. I thank you for your grace and generosity in sharing your gift with me. You helped me in so many ways. The home where this event was held was such a peaceful and inviting space. The labyrinth in the backyard welcomed me each day. And I am grateful.

Blessings, light, life, and love,

* * * * *

Testimony of Barbro Hegland (Norway)

          All my life, since I was five years old, I have had anger directed at me by others. As a result, I have felt mistreated, fearful and guilty. Anger is a dangerous emotion because if it is not released, it will be stored in the liver. When deep emotions are stored, they will eventually begin to harm the body and create disease. Every organ in our body has a sense organ, and the eyes are the sense organs of the liver. In my case, my eyes started to weaken and my sight became cloudy as the years went by. I asked myself: What is it that I symbolically do not see? What am I doing wrong? Will I end up blind?

          Attending the Art of Healing Circle Retreat with Beatriz helped me to understand what I did not see. I was blind to the anger and resentment my body was carrying. I felt sure that I had forgiven, accepted and understood. But the content and exercises of the retreat opened my eyes to see that it was me who I had not forgiven. My body and mind were still stuck in anger. Beatriz helped me to understand that since I am a Being of Light and Love, no one can take this light from me. People may blame me for this and that, but it can't harm me any longer.

          I can lose what I have, but not who I am. I am an Infinite Being of Light and Love. I am One with Source and all that is. I belong to the reality of Oneness. Painful experiences bring valuable lessons to help me awaken from the illusion of separation to Oneness. I am there now. Oneness is my Home. I am where God created me to be. And I AM who God created me to be.

          As soon as we realize the truth of who we are, our life changes. We ascend from Separation to Oneness consciousness. We are not victims. We are Light Beings who are passing through life experiences intended to awaken us to our true identity as Light and Love. What we awaken to can never be lost. We can close our eyes and turn our backs to it, but we can never, ever forget. No one and nothing can disturb this fact that is absolute and unchanging: We are Divine Beings of Light!

My Dream

          After the retreat, I had a most wonderful dream that filled me with a sense of well being that I now dwell in and hope to never lose.

          In the dream I saw how we all moved from these small, dark, cold, separate rooms full of fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame and worry, into a big room full of Light and Love. There were neither walls nor a ceiling. It was more like a place than a room. Everyone was there, but with no feeling of being overcrowded, just the feeling of peace and space. The room was so light, I saw all the details of beauty, and I heard divine music playing.

          Suddenly I knew this is Oneness, this place is Heaven on Earth. This is not a place we will come to later. This is where we are Now, but not all people are aware of that. That is why we have to give them time to realize.

Barbro Hegland (Norway) ♥

* * * * *

          I gained great insight from your teaching. There is truly an enlightenment, a transition happening in the world! I have always known that I am connected to our Creator and have talked with Him throughout my life, but knowing how truly “one” we all are is so awesome. My desire is to be lifted to the level of consciousness of my Higher Self. I believe there is an existence right here that is so magnificent and that we can see, if we are looking with this higher consciousness within us. We are not separated by space and time, but by our thoughts.

Ann B.

* * * * *

          The Circle Retreat was a profound experience for me. The “Miracle of Self Healing” exercise brought me to the core of a personal life issue that needed healing. I was able to look at this issue from a totally new perspective and to embrace it as a catalyst that I, as a being of light, had chosen to experience in this lifetime for the purpose of growth. With this realization, I found myself transcending the experience in a way that is difficult to put into words.

          For me, it was nothing short of remarkable the way this understanding transformed how I regard the people and events in my life. I moved out of self-pity and anger into appreciation of how each situation and person in my life is part of a dynamic that holds the opportunity to propel my spiritual development (and theirs) forward.

          These Circle Retreats have evolved through time as you have grown and expanded in consciousness, depth of heart and understanding. Your retreats are a precious experience.

Rita L.

* * * * *

          I am very happy to have participated in this workshop because I feel like a new person. Much of what you presented reinforced what I have been reading recently. It’s comforting to know that I am on the right track.

          Thank you so much for leading me to the next level of consciousness and preparing me to take this next step.

Virginia W.

* * * * *

          I am unbelievably grateful for the experience this weekend. I am always so comforted to be in the midst of such amazing people and profound spiritual concepts. Since the retreat, I have been intentional about being present. I am very excited to offer this to others knowing, that if I am genuine and make the effort, the universe will take me (and the others) the rest of the way.

Sarah H.

* * * * *

          Oh, my goodness! What a life changing weekend for my husband and me! I've been so 'light' and happy since the wonderful gathering. I'm seeing each one of you in my heart's eye and sending you light and love. I've been to other events and have met wonderful fellow light beings, but this past weekend was my most precious experience yet! I cannot find enough words to express my love and gratitude for you in my life.......but I thank you daily for your love and friendship.

          Keep your love-lights beaming, fellow travelers in the 4th dimension 🙂 I see us all gathering once again on our journeys in this life!

Taffy B.

* * * * *

          I have an autistic child who attends school with other children with special needs. Through hosting and participating in Circle Retreats through the years, I have evolved into a new perspective of life and in the process, have facilitated this evolvement of spirit to my son.

          These retreats allowed me to see autism not as a “curse” but rather as a life experience opening the way for me to go within over and over again. Each day presents our family with many external challenges. But I have discovered that I have the strength and the power within me to look beyond this that plays out before me to uncover that there is something that is whole in my son. These daily challenges want to take this away from me, to bring me to the point that I concede that this is just a disability, that there is no intellect there, and that it will be missing all of his life. The schools and the other parents of autistic children with whom I interact are resigned to these beliefs about their children. They focus on the external reality of autism: the difficulties, therapies, drugs and remedies. I know and see the beauty and wholeness of my son, the wonder of this precious child of God and the gift that he is bringing to my life. I choose to embrace this path together with him.

          My son is a valuable part of our family and society and his presence in this world impacts all of us beyond his parents, siblings, teachers, therapists and neighbors. We are truly “one”. What changed within me is that I moved beyond resistance and asking: “Why Paul?” “Why me?” to acceptance of this life which unfolds before me. Paul is my teacher as we journey together through this lifetime. This is very peaceful for me.

Christine C.

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